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Pneumatic chain hoist

ITA air hoists are the best choice in any environment where safety is a priority. Compared to current drives, the use of compressed gas as the drive medium does not produce any sparks. The characteristics of this structure make the ITA pneumatic hoist particularly suitable for working in hazardous environments.

ITA pneumatic hoist products are very robust and reliable, making them suitable for use in harsh industrial and even connection conditions. We have different controllers and scroll wheels according to different needs. For cross loading, we have a variety of production lines. A walking trolley meets your needs.

Applicable industries for pneumatic hoists: aircraft manufacturing, assembly lines, chemical industry, dairy processing plants, electroplating plants, fireworks factories, food industry, foundries, furniture factories, glass industry, paint factories, match factories, mechanical engineering, automobile industry, oil depots, land Onshore and offshore operations, paint shops, paper industry, power plants, finishing plants, sawmills, shipbuilding, space technology, steel mills, textile industry.

    In air lifting equipment, the Air Chain Hoist (Pneumatic Chain Hoist) generates power by using air instead of electricity which is different from traditional hoists. The compressed air does not generate sparks and explosion proof, making the air chain hoist of choice in hazardous areas where with chemical powder, inflammable or volatilizable material. We offer air hoist (pneumatic hoist) for food grade applications, and for the harsh environments found in mines, shipyards, power plants, cement plants, onshore and offshore drilling, oil & gas production platforms.